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What is “wists”? 29 November 2005

Posted by Elisa in faq, wists.
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Wists, is a free service that lets you visually bookmark any page on the web, then automatically create a small image, text summary and add set of keywords without having to save and upload anything.

As you know already, I love all that’s “social” – social bookmarks (Furl & del.icio.us), social writing (blogs), photo sharing (Flickr), so I warmly welcomed this “social wish lists” thingy.

Therefore, if you click the “wists” tag, you will find all the best of the web we’ve found in heart related shopping – ready for you to bookmark in your Valentine wishlist!

I want to specify – we are NOT affiliated with most of the sites linked… we just found some interesting stuff and wanted to give you suggestions about it!

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SO, what is this all about? 29 July 2005

Posted by Elisa in faq.
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Probably the most frequent asked question ever. No matter if it’s fairs, meetups or just small talk – at some point somebody accidentally just drops the same question into the conversation: ‘What is your site about?’ The answer is simple: ‘Hearts‘ First reaction: ‘Mmmhhh… interesting’ Then again: ‘…but – what exactly about?’ There starts the Big Explanation: ‘Everything about the heart – you know, the shape of the heart, heart shaped clipart, news and resources about the heart… even some shopping.’ Nobody really gets the point – I can’t understand why.

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