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Squidoo? 15 December 2005

Posted by Elisa in flickr, links.

Originally uploaded by cuorhome.

Seth Godin says:

14. What’s Squidoo all about?

Squidoo lets anyone build a simple, free web page that points to
blogs, online stores, maps and other information on a single topic—any
topic. Each page can contain insight, bullet points, links, products
and pictures, and each page earns royalties for its creator or for

Squidoo leverages the power of personal recommendation. The site
will eventually host millions of handmade ‘lenses’, each a focused,
useful guide to some area of expertise, some glimpse of the net.
Instead of aimlessly poking, a lens lets a user see the big picture—a
human being’s big picture, the overview you need to get the meaning of
the idea.

15. Can you explain more about ‘lenses’?

The heart of Squidoo is the lens. A lens can point the best hotels
in London. Or blogs with pictures and articles about Paris Hilton. Or
personal accounts about Hurricane Katrina.

A lens can expose a cross-section of the web, a more personal and
more humanly relevant take that no computer could ever create. A lens
is an easy-to-build page of links and referrals. Two lenses may be on
the same topic, but they are never the same — every lens is personal,
and every lens is built by a person, a Lensmaster.

[ You can find the original here. ]

I have tried Squidoo (as you can see above), but honestly I can’t get the point. I have a website, I have a blog (several ones, to be true), I have Furl and del.icio.us accounts – and they integrate well with each other. I can’t see what Squidoo does more or better…
Probably it is meant for people who can’t keep up with blog or website programming or updating (I don’t mean it in a bad way – I can’t keep up with my blogs either ;-)!). Or for those who want to drive traffic to their blogs, websites or web thingies (and this could be my case).
Apparently all comments about Squidoo are enthusiastic – so I’m clearly missing the point! 🙂
I’ll keep an eye on it anyway, so I’ll see….

(excerpt taken from Seth’s Blog- The e-consultancy interview)



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