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My “cuorhome.net” — from the very beginnings until the present day 14 November 2005

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The name of my website is “cuorhome.net” — as you probably know “cuore” means “heart” in Italian, so my site is “the home of the heart”!

All began for a joke: when I first set up my personal page, I chose a bright pink heart background. (I always liked collecting images of hearts, so I had got some from the web.)
All my friends complained about that, pretending it was a bit _too_ sweet, so I took the heart background away. The very same day I got an email from some Roberto guy I didn’t even know — he complained because I had taken “his hearts” away! I exchanged some messages with him, and then set up another page with the heart background, “dedicated to Roberto”. He was happy with that.

Some days later, I got another email from some other guy. He told me he collected images of hearts too and sent me some animated gif’s. My new collection had started!

I put these gifs on “Roberto’s page” with the ones I already had got. The more I put, the more I receved in my email (“donations”? ;-)) — most of them from people I didn’t even know!

Little by little, the “heart page” grew bigger than my website, so I decided to give a new identity to it and its (her!) own address.
At the same time I set up my first mailing list and started designing my own clipart and backgrounds.

Then I discovered e-cards! That was the real breakout of my “CuorHome” page. I started making my own images of hearts and set them to be sent as e-cards…. the visitors grew day by day, it seemed to be kind of contageous!

I spent Valentine’s day 2000 reloading my counter to see the number of visitors growing and growing — I had more than 3.000 hits on that day!!!

Then the look of the site changed, my collections grew bigger, I started adding some javascript, poems and some navigation too… I updated CuorHome until last Valentine’s day, when two things happened: I found a job, and my computers crashed, with all the archives & templates in! So, all at once, I had little time to update the site and had to start back from the beginning… this is why cuorhome is still the same way it was in February!

Now I have found cafepress, and FTP-ed some of my images back to my (new) laptop. I made some images to put on gifts, Christmas stuff and merchandise, just for a try… and I found the inspiration to start working on cuorhome.net again!

(By the way: cuorhome.net is bi-lingual — English and Italian — because Italian is my mother tongue and I actually do live in Italy! That’s why my English isn’t so good…)

So, if you love hearts as I do, this is the link to the site: www.cuorhome.net
And this is my shop: CuorHome’s Merchandising

Straignt fom a a post on EzBoard, dating back to nov2002!

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